Bach: Arias

Núria Rial

6 December, 2013
Núria Rial
Dhm (Sony Music)
Number of discs: 1

The soprano and Echo Klassik award winner Nuria Rial draws on her new CD a complex portrait of a woman who was more than Johann Sebastian Bach’s second wife – Anna Magdalena Bach was a virtuoso singer and sought-after soloist of her time. In addition to works of the great Johann Sebastian Bach, which he demonstrably composed for his wife, this CD contains further compositions by Bach, which was probably written for Anna Magdalena or derived from her musical environment. Among them are famous arias such as “sheep can safely graze” from the hunting cantata “What I like” BWV 208, “Slumber on, you dull eyes” from the well-known cantata “I have enough” BWV 82 and various arias and recitatives from the “Köthener Funeral Music “BWV 244a.
Nuria Rial will be accompanied by the chamber orchestra basel under Julia Schröder who round off the program with the Violin Concerto BWV 1056 in G Minor and the Double Concerto for Violin and Oboe BWV 1060 in C Minor.

“What a beautiful and delicate, almost deliberately flowing and always somehow comforting soprano”

(Süddeutsche Zeitung, 12.02.2014)

“More love is hardly possible.”
(Hessische Allgemeine, 14.12.2013)

Klang Tipp Audio “[…] apparently effortless in everything that Bach has asked his singers to do, as well stylistically as Barroque fans dream. ”
Music: 4.5 stars
Sound 4.5 stars
(Audio, 02/2014)

“Nuria Rial sings, as always, with enchanting tone and splendid sound, effortlessly glittering, her voice floats in the many slow movements and unfolds its full charm in the sustained tempi […] everything is of one piece, of great expressiveness and power The Chamber Orchestra Basel accompanied with wonderfully finely designed orchestral movements, whose variety of colors in the more well-known works illuminate new facets […] all around successful recording. ”
Interpretation: 5 Stars Sound Quality
: 4 Stars
Repertoire Value : 4 Stars
Booklet: 4 Stars
(, 07.02.2014)

“The soprano Nuria Rial is considered a Handel specialist, but with a sensitive, crystal-clear voice and a remarkably good pronunciation, she proves that she is equally master of Bach – wonderfully soft the sound of the Kammerorchester Basel, subtle Rial’s interpretation of the Bach arias This is also because feeling is placed here before technical brilliance, because the message of the music is more important than any soloistic vanity. ”
(BR Klassik, 04.01.2014)

“The soprano Nuria Rial is a luminary of early music”
“Bach’s arias about death, pain and sadness are sung by Nuria Rial with a knowing warmth that afterwards lingers in the listener for a long time.” There is no shrill sound, nowhere, only highly mobile lightness, even in the most difficult coloratura.
(Süddeutsche Zeitung, 07.04.2014)