“L’amore innamorato”


23 October, 2015
Erato / Warner Classics
Number of discs: 1

What music! What a wealth of harmony and fireworks of timbres! This is old music in its highest perfection, perfectly and virtuously performed by excellent musicians and singers, and as always perfectly arranged by Christina Pluhar. Yes – this seventeenth century has in itself, indisputably for me, a source of the most splendid music ever created. It is a pity that concerts in which one can hear such a pleasure ears still hold a Cinderella existence. How nice that there are alternatives that make it easy to get this home. Whoever has succumbed to the so-called “old music” will certainly not pass this wonderful CD!

Wonderful music that should be rediscovered. N. Rial’s soprano voice, in particular, brings the music of the mid-17th century to new splendor. Also quite excellent is L’Arpeggiata under the direction of Christina Pluhar.  Lutz Havekost
Once again, Christina Pluhar has managed to assemble musicians for a “song-dance”, offering high-quality music on the one hand, and a soothing mood and togetherness on the other, that you would not find otherwise. Big thanks to all contributors! It’s a special music that will not be for everyone’s taste (definitely not mainstream), but that’s why I and my family are so surprised, overwhelmed and grateful. I sincerely hope that Christina Pluhar will continue to have such a “golden touch” as a female arranger of this music (with or without theorbo) and that she will receive the success and encouragement she deserves.  Piet Mondriaan