Sacred Duets

Núria Rial & Valer Sabadus

6 January, 2017
Núria Rial & Valer Sabadus
Sony Classical
Number of discs: 1

This CD brings together for the first time two young up-and-comers from the field of ancient music. Both Valer Sabadus and Nura Rial are characterized by crystal-clear, slender yet expressive voices that harmonize well with each other. Superficially operatic attitudes or vain, exuberant embellishments at the border of the vocal are not to be found here, but a highly refined, rather introverted art, which especially elaborates the linguistic and content nuances and requires concentrated listening. The six duets and solo arias from Italian oratorios of the period around 1680-1750 are completely unknown and are likely to be first recordings, with a few exceptions. Not all compositions are masterpieces, however, they are ennobled in the wonderfully subtle interpretation of rial and sabadus. The Basel Chamber Orchestra proves to be a congenial partner. Very pleasing is also the detailed booklet introduction on a high musicological level. All in all, a CD that appeals more to connoisseurs and experts, which seems to be very pleasing, especially in the context of many Baroque recordings of the last few years, which focus on spectacular effects.
The only criticism is the relatively short playing time of 60 minutes, including a Torelli Violin Concerto. One would have liked to hear 15-20 minutes more music in such a perfected interpretation for this high-price recording.