Sospiri d’amanti


27 March, 2015
Dhm (Sony Music)
Number of discs: 1

The Echo Klassik winner Nuria Rial is one of the best singers of early music worldwide and inspires critics and audiences with her warm, bright and crystal clear soprano. “Nuria Rial is a luminary of early music” (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

For her new CD, she and the Baroque specialists of the Ensemble Artemandoline, under the direction of Juan Carlos Muñoz, explore the splendid world of Austrian and Italian courts at the beginning of the 18th century. By 1750, Italian opera had already conquered all European capitals. At about the same time, the mandolin became one of the most popular court instruments. No wonder then that in addition to purely instrumental works such as the virtuoso mandolin concertos by C. Arrigoni (1697-1744) and J.A. Hasse (1699-1783), numerous composers such as J.J. Fux, G.F. Handel, T. Albinoni u.v.a. were inspired to use the mandolin in the delightful connection with singing in beautiful cantatas, operas and oratorios. This CD contains the most beautiful of these musical treasures, mostly in world premiere recordings.

“Discovery – Arias with Mandolin Accompaniment: This is much more than the serenade offered to the beloved as incidental music. There are also very virtuoso copies, in which the Mandolin as an obligatory instrument is required of everything. Artemandoline has tied together a beautiful bouquet of such finds, supplemented by two mandolin concerts. And the formation lives up to its name: The strings and Nuria Rial perfectly complement the plucked instrument in its articulation. ”
(Concerti, 04/2015)

“Arias in connection with mandolin music can be heard here; a beautiful, original idea, which carries thematically over an entire album. […] Nuria Rial remains true to herself. […] The fresh, girlish voice remains attractive. So – she’s back with all the greatness and limitations of her art, adorable. That gives the listeners a very pleasant, carefree CD. ” (rbb Kulturradio, 31.03.2015)

“[We listen …] to the musical delicacies presented to us here by a brilliant singer and an inspired and rousing orchestra.” (Toccata, 05/06 2015)

“Soprano and mandolin – that was a very popular combination in the 18th century, which – as the new CD by soprano Nuria Rial shows – produced extremely charming pieces. […] In the Ensemble Artemandoline her subtle musicians stand by her side, and the “Sospiri d’amanti”, the sighs of the lovers, sounds correspondingly delicate. ” (Audio, 06/2015)

“Nuria Rial, who has shown in the last 15 years that it’s the little things that can delight. […] A climax is Gabriele Leoni’s four-movement “Cantate à vix seule et Symphonie dans le genre Italien”, whose lineaments Nuria Rial draws with a silver engraving. The voice is […] very beautiful. Ornaments are elegantly chiseled, the lyrics are neatly articulated, and the pronunciation is eloquent – even in Mozart’s German songs to the “Zither Love” and “Contentment”. Enchanting. ” (Fono Forum, 06/2015) “Nuria Rial is as always enchanting, all grace and charm.” (Rondo, 03/2015)

“Fresh, almost girly sounds the voice of the Spanish soprano Nuria Rial […] Filigree is the sound of the small ensemble” Artemandoline “, which consists of experts for baroque plucked instruments. And that goes well with the light, radiant voice of Nuria Rial. […] Not only baroque music can be heard: Two song arrangements by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart can be heard, which underline once more the unique, elegant and sparkling harmony of voice and mandolin. ” (Concerti, 06/2015)

“Here the mandolins sing that it is a pleasure. […] Nuria Rial sings as clean and clear as you are used to. ” (Opera world, 06/2015)