Teatro d’Amore


23 January, 2009
Plg Classics (Warner)
Number of discs: 1

Monteverdi may surprise in this interpretation perhaps by the amazing modernity and boldness of his compositions, which are so much more than ‘baroque’. On the other hand, from the excellent performers, the listener gets the expected excellent interpretation, precise, beautiful and really playing music together. In particular, the incredibly clear, sweet and heartfelt voices of Nuria Rial and the countertenor Philippe Jaroussky are to be emphasized here. However, this recording offers even more: a playful approach to the music Monteverdies, which arises from a deep knowledge of the compositions and a joy of playing together and improvising. So in some of the pieces, with astonishment and delight, some greetings from the twentieth century that Monteverdi could hear when he heard them probably would have amused. A very interesting, highly vivid recording and highly recommended.